Package Configurator

We offer tailor made plans which suits your needs. Just follow the 3 steps. Its quick and easy

1. Number of displays
2. Amount of storage
3. Period

4. Choose your support package

  • Unlimited features & plugins
  • Report incidents
  • Knowledge base
  • Email support (during working hours) Within 24 hours *
  • Phone support (during working hours)
  • Remote support with Teamviewer

Safe money with a yearly subscription.
We offer a 5% discount if you choose the subscription for 1 year.

Screens & players

Choose the number of screens for which you want the software. Note: The hardware is not included in these packages. If you do want to purchase it, you can purchase these inside the store.


By default, 500MB of storage is included in the package, regardless of the number of screens you want to connect. 500MB equals approximately 2000 photos, depending on the resolution. You can easily increase the storage later if needed.

Payment options

Choose from various (international) payment methods. For example CreditCard and iDeal.

How can we help?

Any questions? We are here to help. Contact us on or +31(0)235574211 during office hours CET (Central European Time).